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Service Concept

Enjoy recollecting your past experiences and applying them to your future life.


An unforgettably bitter experience, the worst possible ending after terrible misfortune never seems to come in isolation, nor does success arrive by ability alone. Life is truly unpredictable. When you are facing one of life’s turning points after spending many years as a contributing member of society, you have stories that should be passed down and insights of value to others. But most importantly, you strongly feel a need to share.

Telling your story is not a self-gratifying or negative action. It not only gives you a chance to find closure to the relationships between you and society, but it can also raise your self-esteem. There is value in sharing valuable and factual stories which do not always have a happy ending, come from a living witness and realistic viewpoint, and offer learning opportunities from the past. Sharing real-life stories of failure or success with your friends, colleagues or even complete strangers will ultimately give you an opportunity to enrich your life and increase your motivation.

The economist and philosopher Adam Smith published not only The Wealth of Nations containing what is known as his Invisible Hand, but also the Theory of Moral Sentiments. The latter work describes his view of humans as an abstraction as we have a natural tendency to look after ourselves as individuals. And yet we are also endowed with natural empathy toward others. When we see others in distress or happy, we feel for them. Likewise, others seek our empathy and feel for us. Our moral ideas and actions as human beings are a product of our very nature as social creatures. While identifying various issues in a modern capitalist society, if Smith’s view of human beings is correct it gives us hope to be able to overcome any difficulties.

Individuals’ stories

The little prince
Huge volumes of data on mass media and social network sites (SNS) are produced, shared and consumed everyday. The overwhelming majority of this content falls into the Selective Exposure Theory, explaining individuals’ tendency to choose favored information. 

Despite the staggering amount of information available, it is almost impossible to find ordinary people’s real stories of happiness, achievement or other emotional or meaningful experiences from the turbulent period over the last 30 years. 

Writing your inspired story requires plenty of time. This is the direct opposite of trends in today’s fast paced and busy lifestyles. There should be a chance to ease your heart while writing your story, enabling a feeling of joy as you reflect on your past. Above all, feeling a strong motivation to look back on the past and let people know what you experienced and how this could be helpful to others will motivate you as a writer when capturing your story.

Members’ rules

The social media community youreturn is a place for people to share their stories with others. Some rules and restrictions apply to maintain an enjoyable and satisfying place for everyone. 

Rene Magritte


  •   People who reached a major milestone or turning point

  •   Ordinary members of society (non-elites)

2. Purpose of site

  •   Looking back on the past and using it to reflect on a more meaningful and enjoyable life in the future

  •   Rediscovering yourself

  •   Passing down your life story 

  •   Making use of your experiences and knowledge for the benefit of society

3. Content

  •  Lessons leaned from both good and bad experiences as an individual in society

  • Distinguished achievements or proud recollections to increase self-esteem

  • Stories of coincidence, good and bad luck

  • One’s own experience of learning from the past and accomplishments achieved

  • Highly reliable of information, first-hand knowledge and expertise 

4. How to participate

  • Invitation system (new members are invited by an existing member)

  • Recommendation system (new members are recommended by an existing member)

  • Self-recommendation system (Approving new member by existing members)

5. Registration contents

  • Personal information (name, contact number or SNS account). Personal information is not disclosed or shared

  • Registration information for disclosure (avatar registration or caricature illustration recommended)

  • Introduction (approximately 200 words). Invitation, recommendation, or reason for approval by current member in a short passage

  • Change of your favourite things (in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s)

6. Participants’ rights

  •  Content review and feedback

  • Shared copyright on content by all participants

  • Distribution of profits from various services

7. Moderator’s rights

  • Set the theme of the individual stories. Operate and manage theme

8. Obligations

  • Cooperation and management of the theme

9. Various services

  • Matching personal relationship services for participating members 
  •  Providing content, information, and various data
  • Publishing derivative works

youreturn Service Model 

Adopting Humhub Open CMS (SNS) 

HumHub is a free open social network software and framework built to provide a tool for easy and successful communication and collaboration. 


Space Theme

  • Content that can’t be found in bookstores, libraries, the internet, or anywhere else
  • Handing down facts and stories known only by the people involved
  • Statute of limitations applied to events or full stories 
Overview or key points
Who is wrong, a cheater or a person cheated?
Various scam-like tricks were used and ended up causing a profound effect on the company, business partner, a client or society.
I made a right mess of it (unintentionally)
I break into a cold sweat from fear whenever I recall what I did. 
Greatest regretBitter experience that was not satisfying, or that trampled and shattered my self-esteem. 
MortifiedRegretful experience due to running out of strength halfway through an endeavor
Whatever will be, will be.One’s fortune in life or work is unpredictable. There is no way of knowing the outcome of our choices.
 Point of no return All I could do was just move forward.
Is this the furthest reaches of the world or what?Various places, values and common sense. What is right? Is there only one truth? Has the age of diversity and inclusion come?
I was badly chewed up. A disastrous business experience that left me traumatized. Agonizing cries due to a hell-like project
Magic? Illusion? Sixth sense? I felt like I touched an unknown world.It’s beyond human power, a potential has been awakened, the limit I thought I knew but didn’t, a moment I touched on possibilities
Smooth sailing, no hitch,Things went smoothly without any hiccups
I had a narrow escape from death. Did I see heaven?The absolute death, comeback, or escape story; or I am still in the center of a controversy …

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There are at least two explanations of History in Wikipedia. One defines history as the chronological order of how things changed over time. The history for these events were often not preserved and eventually disappeared. The other history is the study of past events over a prolonged period with written records. History is built on written records.

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