• Connection

    Connection between marketing professionals
    Development of open project framework
  • Cooperation

    Process management environment
    Project Management Office (PMO) support

  • Collaboration

    Sharing of product development knowledge
    Use of design methods
  • Transforming Qualitative Research into Digital

    Move DX

    online-qual  dx-consulting
​1. Goodwill Partnership Program For Partner release
2.​ Knowledge Base: Schematic Literacy, Developing Off-line community 
3. Marketing tips: Nomad Marketer at New York

Mothership Marketing Services for the Development of Unique Products, Services, and Businesses

Our advanced crowdsourcing service “mothership4marketers (mo4ma)” is a framework for the next level of marketing services. It helps organizations develop new products, services, and businesses by allowing connection, cooperation, and collaboration between marketing professionals across different industries and organizations anytime and anywhere in the world.

The mo4ma services can help organizations and markers reach the next level of marketing if you are…

not completely satisfied with your existing products/services, or

interested in developing new products, services, or businesses to showcase your ideas and skills, or

willing to work with new team members and leverage the latest techniques to overcome your current challenges.