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Open Development Models
Open Development Models
Service Capabilities
Service Capabilities

Open Development Models​

In implementing open development projects, we defined “role-based model”, “organizational structure model”, and “design process model” in order to allow the three frameworks of mothership4marketers to function effectively. By using these models, we customize your project based on the characteristics and provide solid support to ensure successful development.

1.Role-based model

2.Organizational structure model

3.Design process model

Service Capabilities

mothership4marketers provides connection, cooperation, and collaboration capabilities to development organizations and marketers based on the open development project models.

Connection Capabilities

Cooperation Capabilities

Collaboration Capabilities


Basic registration is free.

Service fees vary based on the scope of project and the role of marketers.  

All fees subject to change without notice.

For Development Organizations 

Services\Users~5 Users~10 Users~20 UsersMore 25 UsersAdd. 1 Users
Registration of biz type and info.on products/servicesFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Project listing3,000/mo5,000/mo10,000/mo15,000/mo1,000/mo
Agreement signing20%20% 15%10%
Project management¥3,000/mo¥3,000/mo¥6,000/mo¥12,000/mo¥480/user/mo
Communication tools100/user/mo¥100/user/mo¥100/user/mo¥100/user/mo¥100/user/mo
Knowledge community400/user/mo400/user/mo400/user/mo400/user/mo400/user/mo
  • The total number of users (employees engaging in marketing, management planning, technology, product development, etc.) claimed by the registered organizations is based on the honor system. 
  • Our services are designed for a wide variety of organizations. Click for detail

For Marketers

Services\RoleManagerDesignerAnalystIT engineerOther
Registration of role and skill profileFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Project offering¥5,000/mo¥4,000/mo¥4,000/mo¥4,000/mo¥1,000/mo
Agreement signingFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Knowledge community¥500/mo¥400/mo¥300/mo¥300/mo¥100/mo
  • The role and skill claimed by the registered marketers are based on the honor system. 
  • Our services are designed for a wide variety of marketers. Click for details